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    I come from a classical background and training, academic studies, piano, solfeggio, chamber music ...

    Blue Rose with David Rose & Christian Leroux (Basile)

    My band years started with :
    • TRANSIT EXPRESS Christian Leroux (Basile)
      Dominique Bouvier (Bird), J.C. Guselli
    • ROSE David Rose, Claude Salmieri, Gérard Prevost, Steve Shehan
    • BLUE ROSE David Rose et Christian Leroux (Basile)
    Followed by sessions for artists such as Yves Simon, Pierre & Marc Jolivet, Jacques Higelin, Richard Cocciante, Gérard Manset, etc..
    A few idents for television & adverts such as :
    Champagne Lanson, Land Rover, Siemens, Renault, CGE, andc...
    Film Documentaries for Guy Sauvage.

    My very first film soundtrack was with Yves Simon. I wrote the arrangements for a film titled “DIABOLO MENTHE“ (Dyane Kurys) in 1977.

    I was totally fascinated by this new experience. I met Didier Haudepin who was directing his first feature film “PACO L’INFAILLIBLE“. I had already recorded my first solo album titled “Impressionisme”, which he chose a theme from for this film. An old friend of mine came back into my life, Pierre Jolivet, that I had met when he was still a stand-up comedian in an act he became successfull with along with his brother Marc. I wrote the soundtrack for a film he was then directing “STRICTEMENT PERSONNEL“ in 85 and for the one after that “LE COMPLEXE DU KANGOUROU“.

    With Jannick Top

    Jannick Top played bass on the trakcs recorded for LE COMPLEXE DU KANGOUROU. Our careers were quite different and separated at the time.

    We never really planned on working together. It just happened that way, because we had so much in common, because we enjoyed it, because of the mutual respect we've always had for one another.

    Left : Jannick Top, Richard Cocciante and Serge Perathoner. Right : Notre Dame De Paris team with Marc Chantereau, Claude Engel, Manu Guiot, Jannick Top, Claude Salmieri, Serge Perathoner

    Starmania crew with Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon

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