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    I come from Marseille (South of France). Complete classical training : piano, cello, musical director. I never wanted to be typecasted which is why I carried out a "different" career. I began playing in a band that I co-founded with a drummer, Vincent Séno. I played double-bass. At one point I decided to move up to Paris where so much was happening. It was quite different from what I though it was and it wasn't exactly easy for me to understand what was going on.

    Didier Lockwood, Jannick Top, Christian Vander, Benoît Widemann

    I played with different bands :
    • MAGMA with Christian Vander
    • TROC with André Ceccarrelli
    • FUSION with Christian Vander & Benoît Widemann
    My involvement with all these bands included composing and playing.

    Gabriel Federow, Jannick Top, Klaus Blasquiz, Michel Graillier, Christian Vander, Didier Lockwood

    My very first "studio" session was with Michel Colombier for the LP titled "Wings".

    Recorded sessions for commercials such as :
    Citroën "La Muraille de Chine", Ricqlès "Fraîcheur Ricqlès", Philips "Sound Machine"
    Land Rover for the Station Wagon, Siemens corporate advert, Renault various films.

    As well as sessions for or with artists such as Rachid Bahri, Michel Jonasz, Françoise Hardy
    Nicole Rieu, Gabriel Yared, etc...

    I met Michel Berger. We started working together. And as the years went by, I got along with him quite well. He became a very important part of my life, as important as Magma.

    Michel Berger was busy putting together a team.
    Serge Perathoner on keyboards completed the team along with the drummer...

    Top on the left : Denys Lable, Michel Berger, Serge Perathoner, Jannick Top, France Gall, Claude Salmieri. Top on the right : with Serge Perathoner. Bottom : with France Gall

    With Serge, we never really planned on working together. It just happened that way, because we had so much in common, because we enjoyed it, because of the mutual respect we've always had for one another.

    With Serge Perathoner

    Left : Jannick Top, Richard Cocciante and Serge Perathoner. Right : with Johnny Hallyday

    Notre Dame De Paris team with Marc Chantereau, Claude Engel, Manu Guiot Jannick Top, Claude Salmieri, Serge Perathoner

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